CoreView – M365 SaaS Management Platform

CoreView founded in 2014 by Ivan Fioravanti and David Mascarella, with Headquarters in Atlanta, USA and Milan, Italy.

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CoreView is the global leader in Microsoft 365 management, security and adoption. CoreView provides enterprise organizations and Microsoft partners the ability to monitor, manage, report, and audit valuable information on all aspects of their Office 365 environment. The comprehensive data and the advanced functionality built into CoreView allows organizations to improve security, streamline administration, achieve compliance, optimize licensing, and deliver operational improvements throughout the tenant.

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CoreSuite not only offers a way to manage the M365 tenant’s but it also consolidates multiple consoles by discovering many other SaaS offering / products making it easier for admins, CoreSuite adds new features with the ability to present data for long term analysis. CoreSuite offers one unified dashboard for all your M365 management needs, users can shift seamlessly between administration tasks making management simple and efficient, CoreSuite overcomes and simplifies today’s modern administration challenges.

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CoreSuite offers the ability to distribute admin roles to limited portions of your M365 tenant by split One tenant or Multiple tenants into several virtual tenants, this can be used based on business unit, graphical location or across security boundaries. Role-based access control (RBAC) is then applied to create operators that have limited access of admin rights for the subset of applications of virtual tenants delegating management tasks, including things such as calculating chargebacks and pre-empting data breaches.

CoreSuite also has extensive capabilities that can be controlled via ‘Global IT delegation control’ for all their features including standard admin functions, reporting and custom PowerShell scripts.

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Additional information can be found at the below links, including a like to request a demo of the product

I would highly recommend you take a look at this product based on the extensive feature set, I believe the delegation of control through the virtual tenant’s is an ideal fit for most modern IT organisations.


Disclaimer : “This is a sponsored post. CoreView compensated me for my time but any opinions given are my own.”