DIY – Ice Bucket Table

Hi I thought I’d share my DIY projects during these troublesome times so here goes to my 1st DIY project of COVID-19.

The idea

We purchased 4 seats that had the requirement for a small table, but we also had requirements for an Ice Bucket to keep the drinks chilled, ta da Brain wave…….

Let’s make a Ice Bucket Table

So the project begins one lovely Saturday morning after painting the fence and having a plastic paint bucket left over, so the hunt is on what else do I need to make an Ice bucket table.

  • A plastic bucket
  • A plant pot
  • Sand & cement + (Measuring Jug)
  • Wood for a tabletop
  • Black spray paint
  • A water pump (to empty the ice bucket after the ice has melted)

Lucky enough for me I’ve got some sand and cement left from cleaning and re-jointing the patio, we have an old pot plant pot that hasn’t been used in a number of years and I have a few pallets left from the kitchen make over.

So the project starts with the ingredients……

Next, I check that the bucket fits inside the plant pot with plenty of space to fit in 4 battens to help secure the tabletop, this also helps keep the bucket central.

The next step is to mix the concrete into a mixing bucket, add the right amount of water so that the mixture is thick enough to create the base in the plant pot for the bucket to sit inside.

Now we place the battens into the side of the plant pot and mark out on the plant pot where the wooden batten is located, this will help when fitting the wooden lid.

Fill up the gaps between the plant pot, battens and the bucket tapping the bucket to get rid of any air gaps with the rest of the cement (this mix has more water to allow for the mixture to spread out evenly), fill the bucket up with water to add weight and to keep the bucket in place.

Next its time to calculate the tabletop, I wanted a wooden circular top with the biggest hole possible to fit in 3 wine bottles, so I measured the top and then went to work dismantling an old pallet.

Put the battens together with 3 more pieces of wood and screw the wood together, nice and simple up to this point.

I used a screw and a cable to draw on the two circles needed to make the table top take up shape.

Then comes the task of cutting out the circles without putting an additional hole in for the center hole, I needed the center piece to be a single cut without any noticeable drill holes to start off the cut. Easy to achieve when there was enough play between the boards to fir the saw blade between.

With both holes cut out I’m left with the below tabletop that needs painting black along with the plant pot to match the “String Moon Chairs”, to achieve this I placed the plant pot on top of another pot to save the green grass from becoming another project.

The final stage of the painting was to spray the inside of the white bucket so it matched the table and had no signs of how it started life (as a fence paint pot), but to achieve this I had to leave the plant pot overnight to set fully.

Once this was dried the last stage of the design was the fit the table top to the plant pot using 2 black screws into the battens that were concreted into the top at the beginning of the project, and the finished results are ……

A nice contemporary rustic “Table Ice Bucket” to match the new “String Moon Chairs”