Kemp 360 Application Experience

Kemp 360 Application Experience (AX) Fabric

Kemp have recently re-branded from “KEMP Technologies” to be simply KEMP and have a modern way to load balance your applications, in this post I’m going to provide an overview of their latest product which supports hundreds of use cases across any combination of platform types, including physical, virtual, cloud, or multi-cloud environments.

The Kemp 360 Application Experience (AX) Fabric is an elastic and infinitely scalable application delivery and load balancing interconnect. The Kemp 360 AX Fabric combines best-in-class load balancing, centralized management and predictive analytics to enable customers to deliver an optimal application user experience while maintaining the centralized insight required to be in total control of the application environment.

Below are the 3 main components that link the product together into a single product offering: –

Kemp 360 Central

Is a central management, orchestration, and monitoring application that provides administration of “Application Delivery Controllers” (ADC’s), across multiple platforms from a single pane of glass. Providing critical features for managing applications, configuration, centralized logging and performance monitoring across hybrid cloud deployments.

This truly is a single UI that enables a modern business the ability to scale across multiple clouds with ease of use, all driven from a single user interface simplifying all administration tasks.

Kemp LoadMaster

This component is the load-balancing component of the service, this can be deployed in multiple configurations including Physical, virtual or within the cloud, delivering a full layer 4-7 load balancing and application delivery services for cloud-hosted workloads.

Kemp 360 Vision

This component hooks into the data provided from KEMP 360 Central to help optimize application configuration, provide proactive health analysis as well as capacity planning for your hybrid-cloud deployments, along with added predictive analytics this product can help provide early warning alerts, this feature is key in delivering a scalable solution to end users experience.

Features Include:

  • Advanced ADC – Best-in-class load balancers offering application delivery Control (ADC), supported across multi-platform environments that can be deployed easily as hardware, virtual or natively in public cloud environments.
  • Management & Control – Centralized automated load balancer provisioning and simplified day-to-day management of application experience across many sites and clouds.
  • Predictive Analytics – Intelligent data correlation provides early detection of AX issues with actionable insight to resolve issues before they occur.
  • Metered Licensing – Unlimited ADC instances, Monthly billing, Subscription tiers from 1Gbit, Deploy on premises or in the Cloud
  • Scalability – Metered licensing means that traffic is never restricted due to a license limitation allowing deployed ADC instances to scale down, up and out as demands change.
  • Simplified Cloud Migration – No cost overhead on having multiple ADCs on-premises and in the cloud means that Kemp 360 Central provides cross platform management with a single point to control all ADC resources (including 3rd party) and simplify cloud transition with single click migration of virtual services.
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud – The Kemp Application Delivery Fabric ensures application resilience and total flexibility in where ADC resources are deployed. Because the fabric is licensed based on overall measured throughput, ADC resources are not tied to any application or platform.
  • Maintaining AX with Predictive Analytics – Kemp 360 Vision is a proactive monitoring and remediation service that ensures the availability and performance of the application delivery fabric by identifying emerging issues and providing pre-emptive remediation using a combination of machine and human analysis.
  • Automation for Efficiency and Consistency – The LoadMaster ADC supports automation of deployment and lifecycle management with a rich API that ensures consistent and timely implementation of changes to the application delivery fabric.
Check out the demo’s below : 

Kemp 360 | Vision

Kemp 360 | Central Demo

KEMP Metered Licensing

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Disclaimer : “This is a sponsored post. Kemp compensated me for my time but any opinions given are my own.”