Zerto 7 is GA

Zerto 7 Release

Zerto 7.0 LogoOn Tuesday, April 16th Zerto announced the official release of Zerto 7 for general availability their new Zerto 7.0 IT Resilience Platform.

Zerto 7 is designed for an era of application complexity and cloud adoption. Zerto 7.0 replaces periodic backup with continuous data protection combined with powerful journaling technology for both short-term and long-term data retention. This release converges disaster recovery, backup and cloud mobility into a single platform.

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Zerto 7 solves today’s digital business needs for continuous IT and Business Operations by addressing key customer challenges such as complexity, slow recovery speeds and lengthy backup windows, by delivering a converged solution to address their DR and backup needs across multiple clouds without vendor lock in.

Key Zerto 7 key improvements:

  • The New and improved GUI provides a great user experience with simplified workflows to further enhance ease of use and enable intuitive and scalable operations, a fresh and clean GUI with a direct link into Zerto Analytics to see the historically reporting from the platform.
    Zerto Analytics Screen Shot
  • A unique Elastic Journal that combines the granular journal technology with long-term repositories, providing a continuous stream of recovery points with intelligent index and search functionality – allowing for quick searching based on different points in time for recovery across data, files or VMs.Elastic Journal Elastic Jounral Screen Shot
  • Data protection workflows that automate recovery from numerous points in time, across multiple VMs, ensuring application consistency across short- and long-term data retention periods
    Data Protection Workflow
  • Retention policy settings for daily, weekly, monthly and annual cycles to copy the recovery data to cost-efficient LTR repositories
    Retention policy setting Screenshot
  • Robust resource planning and ‘what-if’ scenario modeling within Zerto Analytics which continuously monitors and analyses compute, storage and network resources across on-premises environments and public, private and hybrid clouds
  • Built-in support for Purpose Built Backup Appliance (PBBA) such as HP StoreOnce, with new on-premises support for NFS and SMB targets
    Purpose Built Backup Appliance Screenshot
  • Scale-out architecture designed to further accelerate the application recovery process for Microsoft Azure
  • Automatic encryption at rest upon the recovery of EC2 instances when protecting workloads on Amazon EC2
  • Additional Cloud enhancements include a platform update for maintenance mode and evacuating hosts, with the added benefit of failing over with VPG’s with granularity at a VM level.
    platform update screenshot

Key Zerto 7 key improvements:

  • Converged DR & Backup: Replacing periodic backup with continuous data protection combined with powerful journaling technology for both short-term and long-term data retention.
  • Cloud Enhancements: Increased Microsoft Azure RTO performance and new AWS encryption features.
  • Advanced Analytics: New Resource planning and ‘what-if’ scenario modeling to create plans for network, storage and compute resource requirements.
  • Platform Enhancements: Delivering ease of use, operational enhancements and additional flexibility for users

Zerto 7.0 Diagram



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