NEVMUG February 2018 – RECAP

Yesterday was our first North East VMUG event of 2018 and what an event it was, we arranged for an all-star lineup as we missed an event in 2017 and for this event we schedule a full day’s worth of sessions as we had a lot to cover to keep our attendees gripped to their seats.

First up we had a Keynote from Frank Denneman, Senior Staff Architect @ VMware R&D “VMware Cloud on AWS” – Where Frank gave us a closer look at VMware Cloud on AWS key features.

Next we had a Keynote from Duncan Epping, Chief Technologist @VMware – Duncan’s session provided some great insight into where VSAN is going in the future and what we expect to see.










Then we had our First GOLD sponsor session by “CHEF” and Mandi Walls, where Mandi discussed Automation in practice with some references to customer projects including how the goals of IT have changed in recent years.

Lunch was next on the agenda allowing the attendees to mingle and speak to the sponsors, Chef, OVH, TrendMicro, Insight UK and LoginVSIS.

Following Lunch we had our first community session of 2018 by Mark Brookfield, Senior PSO Consultant @ VMware, @virtualhobbit on vRealize Automation where Mark went back to basics with vRealize Automation including a sacrifice to the LIVE Demon Gods!!!

Following on from Mark we had another short break session to allow the attendees to stretch their feet and speak to the vendors, Chef, OVH, TrendMicro, Insight UK and LoginVSIS.

Tim Hynes aka “@railroadmanuk” was next up to the podium Tim is a DevOps SE, and his community session was named “Containers are everywhere”, Tim session covered containers their Hype and what us VMware Admins need to know about them.

Another break session was imminent to allow the attendees to grab a drink and speak to the sponsors – WHO SAID vBEERS !!!!!

Our second GOLD sponsor OVH then took to the stage, presenting was Ben Rayward & Aiden Fitzgerald with their session on how to extend your Datacenter to the cloud with zero or low downtime consolidations.

After another break session we had our final community session Katarina Wagnerova @_KatkaW_ with a very informative session on her recent maritime expedition to the black sea.

Finally we wrapped up the day with none other than the North East VMUG extravaganza PRIZE DRAW, where we gave away £1000.00 of Prizes.

A short walk was required for our final destination which was at the Town Wall, Cinema Room, where we had food and vBeers waiting for the attendees.

The presentations from yesterday’s event can be found here

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