NEVMUG February 2018

NEVMUG February 2018.
The Next North East VMUG (NEVMUG) event will be held on Thursday 22nd February 2018 @  “The Royal Station Hotel” in Newcastle.



We have NOT ONE but …. FOUR new sponsors to kick of the New Year along with some EXCELLENT VMware & Community sessions and of course we are well known in the VMUG community for our great Prize Giveaways ….

“You Have to be ….in IT to WIN IT”nevmug, nevmug nevmug

Check out the Line up !!!nevmug

nevmug nevmug

  • VMware Session by “Frank Denneman” @FrankDenneman
    Senior Staff Architect @ VMware R&D “VMware Cloud on AWS” | “Tech adviser” |

    “VMware Cloud on AWS – A closer look”
    “This session will take a closer look at VMware Cloud on AWS key features that helps you transfer your job role from infrastructure manager to resource manager.”

  • VMware Session by “Duncan Epping” @DuncanYB
    Chief Technologist @VMware | Author of

    “The (r)evolution of vSAN”
    “In this session Duncan will discuss where vSAN stands right now, but more importantly; where it is going in the future!”

  • Community Session by “Mark Brookfield” @virtualhobbit
    Senior PSO Consultant @ VMware |

    “From zero to hero: getting up and running with vRealize Automation”
    “This Session goes back to basics a little with vRealize Automation – and explaining the cool stuff you can do with the product””

  • Community Session by “Tim Hynes” @railroadmanuk
    DevOps SE | Automator of stuff |

    “Containers, everywhere……”
    “Containers are the hottest technology on the block, what are containers? Why are they so hyped? And most importantly, where does it leave us as VMware administrators?”

  • Community Session by “Katarina Wagnerova” @_KatkaW_
    Founder of @advectiltd | VCIX6-DCV | Virtual Design Master “VDM004”

    “Designing for the Unexpected”
    “This session will discuss some of the key requirements of a maritime expedition. How do we design for our Data Centers and how does it change when we take it to the middle of a sea?.”

Gold Sponsors





  • Gold Sponsor – Chef | Mandi Walls 

    “Automation in Practice: Infrastructure, Compliance, and Application Automation”
    “This session will cover some of the projects our customers have worked on with our solutions, and how the goals of IT automation have changed in recent years. We’ll cover the original Chef product, as well as newer Open Source projects InSpec and Habitat. ”






  • Gold Sponsor – OVH | Ben Rayward & Aiden Fitzgerald

    “How to Extend Your DC to the Cloud; zero and low downtime DC consolidation”

    “In this session we will explore the common challenges to setting up true hybridity between your clouds and demonstrate how OVH  have been assisting customers.

    We walk through how we helped a global customer to close a datacentre in 5 weeks with minimal interruption using HCM – describing the discovery, design, execution and learnings.”



Silver Sponsors











Finally lets not forget the vBeers after the event, where we give you a chance to mingle and discuss all things Tech with Sponsors, colleagues and Peer’s……nevmug











A special thank you goes out to the Sponsors for this event, without their continued support the events would not be possible.vmug


Registration is NOW OPEN


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Check out Photographs by @AngyEllis on Facebook. some great ArtWork