vExpert 2016

vExpert 2016After Discovering my application for vExpert 2016 was successful, today was the day I received my email confirming acceptance onto the 2016 vExpert Program…… Totally Buzzing

To be fair this was a long shot from the start of the application process however with a good bunch of VMware colleagues and friends I decided to apply this year. I cannot believe that my application was successful and that I have been accepted into the program, there is so much hyper in the community for the vExpert program and I have the utmost respect to be included as part of the 2016 2nd half announcements.

I’ve checked a few times and my name is still there, thank you to everyone who prompted me to apply and congratulations to all the other 2016 vExpert’s. (Hats Off)

“its not a prank or a joke, and I’ve finally made it onto the vExpert list”

Alan Burns @alburns73