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As I adopt the the policy of Migrate to VCSA” by virtuallyghetto 

I came across an issue today with Nimbus monitoring and thought I would document and share the process to have a VMware VCSA / PSC Appliance monitored by CA Nimbus Tools.

I’m not going to document how to deploy & configure the VCSA in this post as there are lots of blogs already illustrating this process.vcsa nimbus

Below are the steps to carry out the configuration changes to a VMware Appliance to allow CA Nimbus monitoring Tools to communicate to the Appliance. vcsa nimbus

Deploy the VMware VCSA / PSC Appliance

Deploy the VMware VCSA / PSC Appliance onto a VMware ESXi Host.

  • Download the Appliance ISO
  • Start the install from the CD “VCSA-Setup.html” file
  • Run through the entire set up
    • Document all the parameters that were used for future documentation.
  • Confirm appliance has been deployed successfully
    • Confirm the Nimbus account has root access to the VMware platform and is a Administrator account.

Configure the VMware Appliancevcsa nimbus

To configure the VMware Appliance follow the below instructions

  • Log into the appliance web gui check the configuration
    • https://{ipaddress}:5480/index.html
    • Check the configuration is correct
  • Open a Putty session to the appliance, follow the below commands
    • set –enabled True
    • Shell
  • Add a local SFTP User Account
    • useradd -c “sftpuser” -u 10000 -g root -d /home/sftpuser -m -s /bin/bash sftpuser
    • passwd sftpuser
      • VMware1!
  • Change the Server hostname, follow the below commands
    • hostname -v {Enter the Hostname}
    • vi /etc/hosts
    • vi /etc/HOSTNAME
  • Enable nimbus ports on the Appliance Firewall
    • cd /etc/vmware/appliance
    • Backup the file before modifying
      • cp services.conf
      • ls –l
      • Check file is available (backup)
    • vi services.conf
    • Modify by adding the following port range after the SSH port in the config file.

vcsa nimbus

  • Restart the firewall Services vcsa nimbus
    • /usr/lib/applmgmt/networking/bin/firewall-reload
  • Reboot the Appliance vcsa nimbus
    • From the SSh session reboot the server
      • reboot
  • Test and confirm the firewall ports are open both ways
    • Test Telnet access from the Appliance to the Nimbus Hub on the ports required (48000:48010)
    • Test Telnet access from the Nimbus Hub to the Appliance on the ports required (48000:48010)
  • Configure the Nimbus Probe SFTP the Install files, Tar file
      • Register on Nimbus Hub
      • Register the IP and Port
      • Standard Probes are deployed via console
    • Deploy the Nimbus Probes from the Archives within Nimbus repositories.
    • Deploy the VMware Probevcsa nimbus

Confirm the Installation was successful

  • To confirm the Nimbus installation was successful via the Nimbus console.
    • Connect to the Nimbus Hub
    • Search for the Server
    • Expand the components (confirm all Green)VCSA Nimbus
    • Expand the VMware componentsvcsa nimbus

vcsa nimbus


vcsa nimbus

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